Book Talk Tonight at Gibson’s Bookstore – 5:30pm

Gibson's Book Talk event details

I am really excited for tonight’s Musing Mediterranean book talk at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, NH. Gibson’s is the largest independent bookstore in Northern New England and they are incredibly passionate about books, authors and the wonderful readers who come through their doors.

More than a signing or a reading, tonight’s event is a book talk. I’m looking forward to sharing all sorts of fun facts about how Musing Mediterranean came to be. There will be time for questions and answers, signings and perusing Gibson’s stacked shelves of great reading selections. Personally, I can’t wait!

Join Me

If you are in the Concord, NH area, stop in. I’d love to see you there.

Gibson’s Bookstore
45 Main St.
Concord NH


On-street parking is scarce: Gibson’s strongly suggests using the Capital Commons parking garage at 75 Storrs Street, which is one street east (or downhill) from South Main Street and Gibson’s Bookstore. The 2nd floor of the parking garage stairwell and elevator exits directly onto South Main Street, one and a half blocks away from Gibson’s (heading left, away from the lighted 4-way intersection). Parking is newly enforced until 7pm, and is cheaper in the garages than on the street.”

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Book Signing at Helen Thomas Andover 7/24

I am thrilled to announce my first book signing at Helen Thomas in Andover on Tuesday, July 24 from 6-9 pm. Joining me are Lysa Pelletier-Gibbs, fashion stylist extraordinaire, who will talk travel fashion and Lisa DiAntonio, décor coach, who will discuss decorating with travel photos.

Facebook Live!

Also  – tune in today at 1:00 pm to Valley Girls on WCCM Eagle Radio 1110 AM Facebook Live when Lysa Pelletier-Gibbs and I talk Musing Mediterranean and book signing details.

book signing announcement


We hope to see you at the book signing!


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Have You Heard Of Up Lit? – Book Signing 7/24!


I bought this little bit of inspiring art for Julia.


Book signing at Helen Thomas in Andover on TUESDAY, JULY 24th from 6-9.

Details to follow…

I am happy to say that Musing Mediterranean falls into a relatively new category of books called Up Lit. Short for uplifting literature, this new trend focuses on positivity, humor, kindness and compassion. Thank God! I don’t think I could bear one more violent, depressing, tragic or hyper-sexualized story. The inundation of these types of books is exactly what prompted me to write something entirely different. I just needed a break from all of the darkness.

In fact, I surround myself with little tchotchkes, like the one pictured, just to remind myself that the world is not a bad place. You’ll also find engraved trays and whimsical magnets that read Live Love Laugh scattered about my house. I have wall hangings that boast the values of friendship. I even have water bottles with sayings to inspire. She Believed She Could So She Did is one of my favorites.

If my home décor is any indication, good things are happening right here on Mother Earth even if tuning into your daily news makes you think otherwise.

It’s nice to know I am not alone in my quest for positivity. Up Lit is gaining in popularity and maybe, just maybe, the reading population is getting back in touch with their softer side. Let’s hope this extends to the entire human population as well.

Here are a couple of great articles on Up Lit.

Happy Reading!

Why We’re Looking for “Up Lit” – Dudley Court Press

The Rise of “Up Lit” – Hazel Gaynor


Now available at Amazon! Purchase my debut travel book, Musing Mediterranean, today.

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