I have a Publisher! Musing Mediterranean to be Published by E.L. Marker™

Musing Mediterranean to be published by publisher E.L. Marker

I am excited to report that I have signed a publishing contract for my travel memoir, Musing Mediterranean.

It’s funny that I started this blog as a means to promote my book and find a publisher who would help bring my fun, little story to life. Little did I know, the blog would take on a life of its own, but I am so happy that 3 Olives & Twist will have the opportunity serve its original purpose.

E.L. Marker™

I have partnered with E.L. Marker™, an imprint of WiDō Publishing™, a small press out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Soon enough, I will be in the throes of final edits, cover selection and the development of a promotional campaign. I will officially be able to call myself an author. I can’t wait.

Meanwhile, E.L. Marker™ is working on a press release to announce that I will be publishing with them. I look forward to sharing that with you when its available.

The book is targeted for release by fall 2018 – it hardly seems real. After so much time working on this one thing, it will finally be complete.

Thank you for supporting me on this writing journey.  I look forward to keeping you up to date on the final phases of book production and launch.

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I am now writing for Take Magazine – New England’s New Culture

Take magazine photo
Photo courtesy of Take Magazine (TheTakeMagazine.com)


Take Magazine

Over the weekend I had two stories published with Take Magazine (TheTakeMagazine.com).  I’ve been following this publication for some time and was thrilled to contribute. I hope to continue writing for them going forward. I love that the site pairs great content with beautiful imagery all in subject areas I love…art, music, design, literature, dance, food, fashion, and theater.

As stated on the website, “Take features the in-depth stories of people in New England who are making culture happen in the fields of visual art, music, design, literature, dance, food, fashion, and theater. We also provide the timely information readers need to plan their cultural consumption throughout New England.”

I love that! I also like that the site is nicely organized by state. It is easy to navigate depending on your location of interest and visually appealing.

My Stories Writing for Take Magazine

My first story, Specializing in Spoons, features the talented spoon maker Suzanne Isabelle. Isabelle is the creator of Arborvore: handcrafted woodenware for home and table. Read her story here.

My second story, Dancing in the Streets, covers the upcoming Southern Vermont Dance Festival and its creator Brenda Lynn Siegel. Read her full story here.

It was a pleasure telling both stories because of each subject’s compelling creativity, artistry and passion. I look forward to discovering and sharing more of New England’s talents and treasures.

Social Media

Check out Take Magazine yourself.

Like, Follow and Share the cool stories Take Magazine is covering on:


I am excited to share more of my writing with you through Take Magazine. I hope you’ll read me there.

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Memorial Day Weekend – What a Weird One It Was

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. Mine was strange. No youth sports, no yardwork, no lake, no beach and no one around town. The term ghost town was thrown out more than a few times.  It was just a quiet weekend at home that seemed to foreshadow my future.

There was a Red Sox game on the agenda, but Tony and I didn’t go. The girls took our tickets and brought their friends. Now with drivers in the mix (not my kids yet, thank God – that’s a post for another day), the gang happily took off for an afternoon of fun in the city.

Holy cow, I thought, this is our life now. Kind of crazy-kind of great! With time on my side, my mind started spinning with things I need and want to do. Continuing work on this blog is one of them. But before I jump into a new round of blog posts, I wanted to check in and first say thank you for continuing to read 3 Olives & a Twist. I love hearing from you and I so enjoy the opportunity to write here on a regular basis.

Blog Posts Every Tuesday and Thursday

In case you missed it, back in April, I mentioned that my new “regular” is every TUESDAY and THURSDAY. I’ve had a few readers ask where my Monday post had gone, so just wanted to be sure you had my latest schedule.

And now onto summer. With Memorial Day weekend behind us, and summer mode already in effect, my posts may take on a slightly more relaxed look and feel. There will be more throwback Thursday posts, short shout-outs to cool summer experiences and more photos with likely less writing. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Subscribe or ReSubscribe

I hope you’ll stay in touch by subscribing for email notifications. If you already have and, for some reason, no longer receive updates to your inbox, please try signing up again. I apologize to anyone whose email may have dropped off the list. I’m afraid the mystery of blog technology escapes me.

I look forward to continue bringing you cocktail worthy content!

Summer here we come – cheers!

Please continue to share my blog and suggest your friends and family start following too.

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Would You Rather – Rejection or No Response?

A brick wall – what I feel like I’m talking to when pitching agents.


In my quest to have my book Musing Mediterranean picked up by an agent, the only thing I find more disappointing than rejection is the far more common – no response.

No News is Good News?

As a writer, lack of response is something I’ve come to expect and the old adage “no news is good news” really doesn’t work here. There comes a point when you just want an answer. But agents, editors and publishers are inundated with pitches, queries and proposals. I realize it would be impossible for them to respond to each and every one.

I’ve heard stories from fellow writers who have received so many rejection letters, they say they could wallpaper a room with them. Well, how do I wallpaper a room with nothing, nada, zilch? Am I jealous of their rejections?

On the other hand, I get it and may actually be guilty of it myself. In today’s day and age, it’s nearly impossible to get back to every email, text or Facebook message. Not to mention the oft forgotten voice message! I so often lose track, it’s laughable. Thank God I don’t use Snapchat.

Just Respond Already!

I think it’s interesting that my daughters are appalled if they happen to notice I haven’t immediately responded to a text or email. Mom, they’ll say, so and so texted you three minutes ago and you haven’t responded.

As overly attached as they all are to their social media, they seem to have mastered the notion that a timely response is not only desired, but expected. In their world, no response is considered an all-time insult.


And so I’ve come to actually get excited when a rejection comes in. Those I’ve received have been thoughtful and helpful. They also let me know that my work has been seen and considered. I’ll take that over a lifetime in limbo any day.

Have you run into the no response battle? How do you deal with it?

Don’t worry, if you don’t respond I won’t be offended.


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