Showtime’s Episodes Starring Matt LeBlanc

My happy place! See all of those books I didn’t read?


Did you know about this show? It’s in its fifth season and I only just discovered it two weeks ago. I love when I find a show that speaks to my silly television sensibilities, but also has enough depth to keep me interested.

Episodes Starring Matt LeBlanc as Matt LeBlanc!

I stumbled upon Episodes when I was in desperate need for some TV time and realized that my usual go-to channels had nothing, I mean NOTHING, worth watching. My problem is I haven’t evolved past my young years when I only had the major networks from which to choose.

Today, I have equipped myself with a plethora of channels, yet I have no idea what my options are. I consistently click on the same old stations – 4, 5 and 7 plus a dash of Bravo. I’m so conditioned to my old-school clicker habits, I don’t even bother to find the HD stations.

This summer, however, I branched out. You may recall that I failed miserably at summer reading, so I was in search of something good to watch. And no, I cannot stomach Game of Thrones!

Enter Episodes starring Matt LeBlanc as Matt LeBlanc. Since my discovery, I’ve been happily binge watching right through to this Sunday when I caught up with the show in its current season airing Sunday nights at 10pm.

The Premise

The show is light-hearted, mildly inappropriate and clever. It focuses on two British writers, a married couple, who are brought to Los Angeles by an obnoxious Hollywood television producer. They’re hired to recreate their hit British show for an American audience. Their British accents endeared me as did their dry wit and very believable marital connection. Kudos to Stephen Mangan (Sean) and Tamsin Greig (Beverly) for playing their parts so well. The contrast of these talented and proper British types against the fake and foul L.A. divas and darlings is pure comedy. When the couple learns they must cast Matt LeBlanc as their lead, a contentious yet charming relationship between the three takes center stage for each 30 minute episode.

I also enjoy seeing the show’s interpretation of what goes on behind the scenes with writers, actors and executives. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

A Nod to Friends

If you are looking for something light, comedic and entertaining, with just the right touch of Joey from “Friends,” give Episodes starring Matt LeBlanc a look. Friends references are plentiful and, so far, there’s been one guest appearance by David Schwimmer.

What are you watching?


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